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A generous man forgets what he gives and remembers what he  receives.
~Old Proverb

It is our vision to create a Resource Center here on Long Island that will be home to a library, programs, workshops, classes, lectures, movies and other events that will provide tools of integrity to nurture the body mind and spirit.  It is our hope to start a referral network that will provide information with integrity.   It is our commitment to inspire and empower others into their hearts and live a more balanced life. This, in turn will allow us to collectively help others.

To create a "space" we need to raise funds that  will cover a lease and operating expenses.

Any and all donations to make this happen will be appreciated.

We would like to create reasons for giving that support our mission.  If you want to honor someone, remember someone, memorialize someone, thank someone or simply express appreciation for someone we will include that donation in our Newsletter and will send a personalized acknowledgement out to that person.

contact:  debbie@betheexample.org with details:

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