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March 26, 2012

The beauty of surrendering to trust.

Our last event, It’s all Good! had been living in my head for quite some time. I struggled with the how, when and where of this event. I found many excuses not to go forward with its creation. It was the suggestion of another that propelled me to take a leap of faith and plan this event.

It was a new event that was being created. We were not following the various models that had been successfully used by others. I found myself frustrated as I was repeatedly visited by fear and doubt along the way. I spent a lot of time sitting with that fear and doubt and simply observing it. Interestingly, it became easier for me to stay present and open to the experiences that would arise.

It was a great exercise in trust for me on many levels. I had to trust that vendors, speakers, authors and healers trusted me enough to commit to this experiment. I had to trust myself enough to believe that it would be worthwhile to all those who participated. I had to trust that I was organized enough for the volunteers to seamlessly be able to run the event. I had to trust that the ads and emails were communicating the event well enough for guests to come and enjoy the day. I had to trust that our expenses would be covered by donations. I had to trust that our efforts were truly serving all involved.

There was a great payback from my exercise of trust. The event ran flawlessly. The donations that were made covered our expenses. The gratitude that was expressed to me from guests, speakers, authors, healers and volunteers was beyond what I could have imagined.

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